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En Suisse

Abatros Castle

Fleur de lys

Rue de gruyères 49

CH-1630 Bulle

Tel. +41 26 912 73 00

feel free to contact us !



në Kosovë

n.p.sh aLBATROS


20000 pRIZREN

Tel. +381 38 77 8008

Mob. +377 44 400 313

Ndjehuni të lirë të na kontaktoni !

Reserve Degustation

Exposition 2016 Albatros Castle

Zürich, Slow Food Market 18-20 nov. 2016 

Fétigny, Chardonnens Boissons  02-04 déc. 2016 




Cadeau 2 Btls

Cadeau 1 Btl

Cabernet Sauvignon

Buy in Switzerland

7,90 CHF per unit for buying at least 600 Gamay 2014
14,00 CHF per unit for buying at least 600 Chardonney 2012
8,30 CHF per unit for buying at least 600 Vrananc 2014
11,00 CHF per unit for buying at least 600 Vranac 2015
11,90 CHF per unit for buying at least 600 Cabernet Sauvignon 2015





Welcome to Albatros Castle®


Albatros Castle® is a SWISS BRAND. N.P.SH Albatros is the only castle licensed by the autorities in Prizren (Kosovo). With a tradition of wine and a private domain, the Albatros Castle creates the best wines and private domains of Kosovo. This Castle was created by the great albanian-swiss engineer and inventor Rexhep GASHI. Controled and followed by the Swiss laboratories, the sun of Kosovo and the expertise of Swiss engeneers has made this perfect wine : the GRAND ALBATROS WINE IN BALCANS.

Kalaja Albatros® është një BRAND ZVICERRANE. N.P.SH Albatros ëhtë i vetmi podrum i licencuar në Prizren. Më një tradit të lashtë të verës dhe një territor privat unik të vreshtaris, Kalaja Albatros posedon verërat me të mira në regjijon. Kalaja Albatros është krijuar nga Ingjinjeri dhe Zbuluesi i famshësh Shqiptaro-Zvicërran Rexhep GASHI. E kontrolluar në laborator Zvicërran, djelli i bukur i Kosovës dhe expertiza e ingjinjerëve nga Zvicrra, kan bërë që VERA ALBATROS, të bëhet Vera më e Mirë në Ballkan.

Château Albatros® est une MARQUE SUISSE. N.P.SH Albatros est le seul château licencé par les autorités à Prizren (Kosovo). Avec une tradition du vin et un domaine privé, le Château Albatros possède les meilleurs vins et domaines privés du Kosovo. Château Albatros a été créé par le grand ingénieur et inventeur Albano-Suisse Rexhep GASHI. Contrôlé et suivi par les laboratoires suisses, le soleil du Kosovo et l'expertise des ingénieurs Suisse ont fait de ce vin : Le GRAND VIN ALBATROS DES BALKANS.



My name is Aurela, receptionist. I'm going to take care of your hospitality at Albatros Wine. I hope you will spend a wonderful holidays in Fleur de Lys in Bulle (Fribourg). Welcome and have a nice trip.
My name is Albatros, Manager and expert in Albatros Wine. I'm going to take care of your hospitality at Albatros. I hope you will spend a wonderful holidays at Albatros Castle in Prizren. Welcome and have a nice trip.

About Albatros Wine


Albatros Castle is located in Besim Shala road in Prizren and in Fin de la Croix 7 in Givisiez - CH. To help you, when you arrive in the traffic circle (rond-point) Prizren-Gjakov-Tirana, take direction Nachec.



Since more nine generations (1750), The family of the Owner Rexhep Gashi (ALBATROS Castle) have the best domains of wine in Drenoc (Rahovec) Kosovo. OUR GOAL IS THE BEST AND BIO ALBATROS WINE !



We offer a special price for Hotels & Restaurants, special price for Wine Company, special long term contract, individual offer. For more informations, please contact our selling department:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Our Team are in your service at Albatros Castle in Prizren (Kosovo) and in Givisiez in Switzerland. Welcome dear guest, I hope to see you in Prizren. Thank you for your visite and feel you free to contact us!